Down in the Valley, Valley so low…..

I have some people coming over for dinner on Saturday. I am pretty excited. They have never been to my house before. They are women that I met last year at the women with cancer camp in Montana.

Yesterday with my FINALLY correct prescription glasses I had an oh shit moment when I realized my house is terribly dirty and dusty (ha-ha) and messy.

Today is chemo day. Usually day two or three after chemo is when I go into slow mode. It’s like everything in me just drops from a level of 10 to a level of 1 and I have experience couch lock.

So today is the day to get things done. The plan is to take the dogs to daycare and spend the afternoon taking care of business. Grocery Store, cleaning, planning, laundry, whatevs.

Last night every living creature in this house decided that they must sleep touching my head or arm or legs! I am so tired!! Between Corey & Frank all night, and then adding Benny in at 6:30 this morning I feel like I didn’t sleep more than 30 minutes at a time.

So the lovely women may get a messy house and leftovers!

When I post pictures I rarely do any kind of photo editing. No filters or fun adjustments. I only crop them. I have decided it’s time I learned to expect some weird pictures for a bit.


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