Dreams, Shoulders and Testicles

Nina is talking about dreams today. Her timing is excellent because I had a dream last night that made me happy to wake up. I was dreaming about scheduling a surgery for a doctor to cut out even more parts from my insides. Unpleasant.

This morning I was on my bike in the back room when I suddenly hopped off and walked into the living room. I’m not sure what the impetus actually was but when I went out there the space heater I had just flipped on and a distinct burning smell coming from it and was no longer on. I have a pretty good fear going of space heater fires so I was a little spooked.

spaceheaterfireWe won’t be testing it again.


My shoulders are a little tight & sore today. That’s good. I have wimpy muscles in my chest and shoulders so any soreness means I’m at least hitting the correct areas. I have a bad shoulder and the addition of weights has helped quite a bit. I knew it would, they told me years ago in physical therapy. They problem is motivating yourself, on your own, to do it, and to push past the parts that are uncomfortable and hard and do a little more. It didn’t feel like I was working very hard last night but I was a giant sweatball and dripping sweat onto the floor.

I like having protein powder in the house for breakfast shakes. I’ve been using plain Kefir from Trader Joes thrown in a blender with a couple scoops of protein power and ice & a bit of water. I picked up Aria Women’s Protein from Trader Joes.  I am finding it pretty ick. It’s really grainy.

Today at work much time was spent discussing testicles and testicular function and testicle transplant. It went downhill from there.

Doctors appointment for the 999th burning of my wart. We’re scheduling the SECOND surgical scraping out of the wart for next month. Uhg. You would think all this immunity boosting shit I take would kick in at some point.






1 thought on “Dreams, Shoulders and Testicles

  1. Space heaters freak me out too..I’m very cautious. A whole new way to look at the pain…you just continue to inspire…btw…what do you think of testicles and have you ever seen a pair that made you think…hmmm those are fine looking testicles? I will say I’ve noticed testicles on farm animals and thought whoa…of course I’ve seen the most useful part for me on a horse one time I thought..holy shit.

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