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A nice little Ambrosia Apple mixes well with Saltine Crackers. It wasn’t my planned lunch but I do love the combination of salty & Sweet.

I read a lot of blogs. Quite a few of the blogs are married people who have spouses who do not read their blog. Wouldn’t it be amusing if I was reading both sides of the stories and didn’t know it because they were almost unrecognizable.




4 thoughts on “drop in

  1. Well, never in a million years would my DH write a blog. If he did our retelling of life’s events would be vastly different. I would say that my retelling of a story would be way more accurate than his.

    I would hate for him to read my blogs. I don’t know why but I would feel like he was reading my diary.

  2. I use to find it odd that Corey didn’t read my blogs. Then I found out he did, but he didn’t do it openly. Now I’m sorry he does. Any time I mention him he thinks it’s negative. He’s doesn’t usually see the positive. I always assume someone is being kind when I read what they say, he always assumes someone is being nasty. It’s an odd balance but it’s how we roll. πŸ™‚

  3. I guess I always worry that I would say something that would offend Craig or that he would somehow misconstrue it. He was helping me out with my Xanga blogs and he was sitting there reading them and it made me uneasy. I guess I worry that he is going to read them and think I am not too bright or silly or sharing way too much or somehow presenting him in a less than positive way.

    Opposites attract, hmm???

    1. I think if you were worried about it, that’s probably because that’s what would happen. You know your fella and how he feels. Some people are more sensitive and it’s harder not to offend. πŸ™‚ I actually came in to a picture of your fella on my screen again today. It makes me laugh every time that happens.

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