Drug induced blogging – NEVER cheery.

I will have cancer until I die.

No matter if it’s next week or 20 years from now – I will always have, and be in active treatment for cancer.

It’s a sobering thought. I must remember to ask my doctor at my next appointment for some guidelines for what happens from here on out.

Is it any different than me having auto-immune thyroiditus and being treated for that for the rest of my life?

How about the neuropathy, lymphodema, kidney disease, menieres and vestibular migraines?

All of my diseases except cancer are not in spell-check. Interesting.

I actually feel pretty good today considering the morose post. I have a headache and not even close to enough sleep. Occasional waves of nausea and a bright red hot face. All in all, quite workable. Now my chemo’s have been switched to Friday, which I kind of like. That way someone is here to take care of me when I don’t feel good. πŸ™‚

The next chemo will be both medicines at standard dose with no steroids so YAY.

That’s really all I have to say.

Oh wait – have you every Watched Race to Escape? Game Show on SCI

I am also watching Sense8 on NetFlix.

Can’t read today, brain is too foggy. Β πŸ™




4 thoughts on “Drug induced blogging – NEVER cheery.

  1. It’s that awful C word! Not much different….at least we know cancer….it’s what we don’t know that is scary. Not too long ago I had some of these very same thoughts!

  2. I know that there is a phrase that they use now for people who have lifelong treatable cancer which evades me right now. Anyway, better than the alternative, right? It is just so frustrating that the treatment is so hard on a person. I take 5 or 6 injections a day to control my disease and I really hate it but it is nothing like chemo. So while I am glad your disease has taken this course where it is now a long term treatable disease, I hate that it is so hard on you.

    How often will your treatments be? Was is every three weeks? I am glad that you will have the treatments on Fridays now. I hope it stays like that. It is a relief to know you won’t be alone.

    I keep thinking about your new digs everyday. I am so excited for you. I feel like this the right time to be making this change. Happy, happy, happy about the new home! Leave the bad juju behind.

  3. Bad juju is almost exactly how I think about it. We just came back from our final walk through before closing Wednesday. They cleaned out the garage, and they treated for bugs and now we found the hot water heater is leaking. Hopefully they can move fast. πŸ™‚
    I had no idea you were having to do that many injections Mary Beth. It makes me very sad.

  4. Great minds think alike! πŸ˜‰

    Water heaters are so cheaply made. We always seem to be replacing ours. I hope it gets taken care of pronto.

    I do fast acting with meals so that is three right off the bat. I do two slow acting at bedtime. I am incredibly insulin resistant so I do two slow acting because I need the quantity. The pills never really worked for me. Thanks. I get mad at the disease but I am grateful there is a way of controlling it. Both of my grandmas had it and I remember the huge needles and glass syringes. Glad it has improved since then.

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