Drunk – n – stubble

Last night I dropped a Trader Joes jelly bean in my vodka and soda and loved the way the bubbles looked in my glass. So of course I started taking pictures.

IMG_20150207_211910982 IMG_20150207_212320287 IMG_20150207_212513733 IMG_20150207_212816946 IMG_20150207_214549027 IMG_20150207_214618098 IMG_20150207_214635886


I suddenly have a ton of hair growth. Sadly it’s all dark! Not enough to look like real hair yet.


After a week of being at home it felt funny yesterday to cover my head when I left the house for yoga.

Chemo starts again on Wednesday. Blah…Feeling nauseated just thinking about it. Or maybe that’s from the Vodka and jelly beans last night. This is my last scheduled chemo before my next CT. Doctor last week of February to see what’s happening. Not sure I am ready to be done with chemo yet. I like knowing that any little cancer cells hiding somewhere that are too small to show on any scans are getting bombarded same as the ones that are visible in my lungs.

I had a dream that I was eating a sandwich and didn’t realize it was a chicken patty until half way through. Before that was long and boring about driving through a crazy city and spending time in a speeding bumpy elevator with my sister.

Keep on keeping on. 🙂






11 thoughts on “Drunk – n – stubble

  1. So… it wasn’t the chemo preventing your hair from growing back, but the horrible people that you worked with.

  2. Hey Tracy, you look really good without hair I hope it’s just for insurance and the c didn’t return. I also wanted to let you know that inciteful passed away yesterday.

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  4. Rob’s hair came back in the same color it had always been but it came back so curly. It was kind of shocking.

    I’m hoping that this week’s chemo will be easier than the other times.

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