Enforced lazy day!

sometime after midnight the aliens visited me. They did some sort of broncoscopy and in the process hurt my throat. It is so so sore! Way down deep. Feels like it is dry and chapped. I have a little bit of that headachy sinuses feeling but other than that, pretty good! Canceled my two appointments for today and made some tea with honey and coconut oil.

it has been a really long time since I was down with a non-cancer treatment related illness and for some reason it makes me happy.

I do wish I had someone to play with the puppy though.

maybe after a nap later I will feel back to myself enough to get on with things. I got goals you know!

Wait! Maybe the eye doctor poked a little too deep yesterday!


i scrubbed and shined my light and it’s throwing new shadows. Last night Frank started interacting with his own shadow.


1 thought on “Enforced lazy day!

  1. That pic is so cool! I love the shadows. And when I spotted Frank. I felt like I won Where’s Waldo.
    Sometimes a lazy day is a welcome, even if unwanted relief. For me, sometimes a little bit of ickyness gives me permission to veg without the guilt.

    But I do hope your throat feels better!

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