Filling up an Empty Mind

I haven’t read a book in a very long time. I’m not sure how I went from reading two or three books at a time to reading nothing more than the blurbs in the Time magazine that is delivered to my house. Last week I decided enough was enough! I grabbed my Nook and charged it up and added a book to it.

It was a perfect way to dip my toes back in. Very quick read that I quite enjoyed! I think some of my problem may have been that I was trying to read on my Nexus which just has far too many distractions and is really hard on my eyes. The nook is just like holding paper except it’s usually lighter.

Next on the agenda is the last Dan Brown that I never got past the fourth page on.

I had a 3rd Cousin that’s actually in the area contact me on That’s kinda cool.



2 thoughts on “Filling up an Empty Mind

  1. I have an old Kindle. Doesn’t have any lighting for dark room reading. I should get back to reading…among many other things. But, it’s hard when you have health issues. You end up too many times contemplating your belly button.

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