Fires, Frogs and Frank

I went to IKEA to buy a new table and as we were walking in I saw this in the sky.


I thought it was amazing and beautiful!  It is called a Fire Rainbow! I have never seen anything like this in my LIFE! I was amazed and just stood taking pictures. No one else seemed to care that we were seeing a once in a lifetime phenomenon in the sky. Why don’t people look up  and be amazed?  I am 51 years old and just saw it. I am glad that I have experienced another first.

I of course immediately uploaded the picture to instagram and my daughter identified the phenomenon for me. And then four hours later something amazing happened. My daughter sent me these;


The same thing was happening over her house!! Hours away from where I had been and on the same day that I had seen it. I cannot imagine what the odds of that happening are. People go their entire lives without seeing in and then we both see it in separate locations on the same day? Life is AMAZING.

Frank enjoying the spoils of our Michigan trip


The mystery of the Frog

This frog showed up off my deck stairs. He is a tiny little ceramic frog with a broken leg. I won’t tell you how many minutes I thought he was a real frog. I have no idea where he came from.


The next day…….he was gone.


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