Flashback Work

I had a dream that I was being chased by a wild animal. It was gray and a cross between a cat and a wolf. At some point as I was running across a field I fell. Dusty leapt on top of me and protected me. And then I realized she was just trying to protect a plastic cup that she didn’t want vicious Tracy eating animal to get.

Don’t Take My Garbage!


I had something fun – for me – happen yesterday.

A business that I contacted a few months ago regarding donating some service to Cancer Connection contacted me earlier this week and asked me if I would be willing to have a conference call and go over their new site with them and give them perspective on how it worked, what was good, what was bad, etc. Since this is what I did for years, and since they gave me a free year of service for Cancer Connection how could I say no?

I ended up spending an hour on the phone with them and I really enjoyed it. It was just like old times! Also excited to try their new product setup when they release. I can’t help missing the hustle and bustle of that kind of job. I miss the travel. Someone tells me they’re at a trade show and I am green with envy!

So all I need is someplace that wants to hire me to work – only when I can – say one to two hours – some days – maybe- with lots of flexibility and only give me stuff I like to do – and every once in awhile pay for me to travel somewhere.

I did not sleep well but still woke up early and excited just because there is SUNSHINE!


2 thoughts on “Flashback Work

  1. That is such a great picture of Dusty! She is such a beautiful dog! I know a shephard’s ears aren’t supposed to be floppy but I think that is really cute on her. Did you take that picture?

    Wow I am so glad you had that neat work opportunity. I wish there more opportunities for people who have health issues to work.

    We had sunshine today. Really wonderful!

    1. Thanks, I did take that picture!
      It was fun helping them out. I actually got an email from them just a little bit ago letting me know they are implementing a bunch of my suggestions and asking if I would be willing to do it again in the future. Good ego boost.

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