Flowers & electronics & refunds oh my..

On Saturday I reset my interval timer and started walking fast on the treadmill for 2 minutes, then running for 45 seconds, rinse & repeat.  The current goal is a 15 minute mile (SHUT UP! My legs are short that’s really fast for me!) The next goal will be two 15 minute miles, then three. Then I’ll start doing it faster. It’s important that you note that I started this on Saturday morning. First I did 15 minutes on my bike, then my mile and a pinch on the treadmill. Then an hour later I went to my Saturday morning workout where it was LEG DAY!  Not just any leg day but squats & lunges day. My legs weren’t bad the rest of the day Saturday, and I got up on Sunday and did my bike/treadmill but by 3:00 on Sunday evening my legs felt like I had been beaten with a club. So sore. Monday is usually my rest day. YAY!

On Sunday we went to Costco and I made an impulse buy of a Boogie Board. Not the kind you take in the ocean.



I love it. I wish I had one that was 10×12. That would be perfect for scratch paper for work. This one is maybe 5×7? I jot little notes all day on my paper at work. Just never got in the habit of using my keyboard instead for little notes.

Comment to remember for a later post:

It’s an internal battle because people pay to have fun, they pay for the circus, gambling tent, beer, etc… and everyone seemed to have fun, so what makes it any different from that kind of stuff?

I bought something on Amazon and when I got it, it was defective. Just plain old broken. I contacted Amazon, then downloaded a label and shipped it back. I also reviewed the item. Short and sweet, just said the item arrived with two different parts broken, not from shipping. The manufacturer/seller publicly offered to send me another one “just to make things right” even though Amazon had already refunded me. I declined. I needed it for a specific purpose and instead borrowed someone elses and don’t need it anymore. If at some point I need one again I’ll order one from someone else.

I was reading an article about the Valentines day debaucle. The article I was reading listed many people who had ordered flowers & gifts and they never arrived. 1-800Flowers offered them full refunds and also a $20.00 voucher off their next order. Most of the people wanted the refund in full,  $20.00 voucher and they still wanted their order delivered. So then it became a punitive refund . I don’t think that’s cool. I don’t think you always have to be out for the most you can get. Sometimes you have to just say, no this is right and fair and I’m cool with that. I don’t need any $12.00 piece of electronics cluttering up my house from a shoddy manufacturer, that I probably will never use anyway, just because it would be free. didn’t commit a crime that they need to be punished for. They are a company who got overwhelmed and hit by bad weather at the same time and who have been trying to at least make it right.



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  1. One of my online pals recently had dinner at a national chain. As she was finishing her meal, she noticed that the underside of the potato she was eating was rotten. She wondered what should the compensation from the restaurant be. There were varying opinions but I am not sure. I KNOW restaurants don’t want to waste anything so they knowingly will put food on a plate that doesn’t belong there, hoping that the customer won’t notice. I think if I were inclined to want more restitution it is for that reason. The wrong that was done, was done with full knowledge that it was wrong and the thought was well, we will fix it if we get caught. That is why people want punitive damages.

  2. Most people thought she should have gotten her meal. What happened is they took $5 off the bill. Problem was she didn’t notice it until the end of the meal because it was the underside of the potato.

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