Food Glorious Food!

My husband was in Mexico last week and this weekend I was teasing him about how spoiled he was. He travels so much that he is in all sort of “elite” travelers categories as far as airlines are concerned. He gets on the plane first, he gets preferred seating and baggage handling and apparently now in some airports he gets preferred baggage pickup after the flight as well.
Those little perks are great when you are traveling and make everything just a bit easier.
The other morning I was eating Dr McDougall’s Vegan Ramen- Chicken Flavor for breakfast. I don’t particularly like it even though it tastes just fine. I’m eating it because it’s a healthy alternative. It’s organic, and vegan which are two things I strive for. It’s not harsh on my digestive system which is something I need. It’s inexpensive and easy and because it takes a long time to eat, it will fill me up. I would rather be eating a Trader Joes Vegetarian Lasagna.

I shop at Trader Joes frequently. I am lucky to be at a point in my life where I can take a whole afternoon to drive to a different city and do the grocery shopping at three different stores to buy only the best. It probably has three times the fat and sodium, is not vegan. The cheese and the tomato sauce would maybe make me quite sick. BUT IT TASTES SO GOOD! I am spoiled.

The perks of my life allow me to make decisions based solely on preference.

Sometimes you have to say no to things you want.
I want a Boston Cream Pie Donut. I have the freedom in my job to stand up from my desk, and drive to Tim Hortons and get one. I choose not to.
It’s not just about self control. Food has so much power over us. We’re always looking for the best tasting thing. We try a new restaurant and have a lovely meal and then we spend the next year trying all the other new restaurants to see if we can find something even better.

Overcoming my wants and settling for my needs is one of the hardest things I have to do. I struggle with it every day.

2010-09-09 12.52.19
Thai food in Stockholm many years ago. I still remember how good it was!



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