Food – my enemy

Not my To be or Not to be – Vegetarian post. I think we covered the salient points in just a few sentances on Facebook. Not enough for a whole post there.

Everywhere I go people are talking about food and their relationship with food. Tomorrow is a Spoken Word event on food. These are nights where people get up and tell stories. I am not sure if I want to go, we’ll see. I actually won the last one which is especially amazing when you realize I have terrible terrible stage fright.

Because I go to a gym regularly and am on the Facebook group my facebook is filled with people trying to lose weight. They post pictures of their weekly food and talk about it a lot. I do not talk about losing weight often because I concentrate more on building strength and because I don’t want anyone to offer advice on how I should lose weight (usually a list of things I can not do) , or how I shouldn’t lose weight at all because I am “sick”. So instead I concentrate on getting as much strength as possible and eating as healthy as I can.

I am a vegetarian which means I can not eat a lot of foods. I have damage to my digestive system because of previous abdominal radiation and some of the chemo drugs I have taken in the past. Think of it like a really extreme case of IBS. In general my body can not break down food. I have to eat foods that are very gentle on my poor sad intestines. When I travel I find myself only eating junk foods, because junk foods have no nutritional value they are easy for a body to digest. I don’t like being sick while on a schedule.

Everything in small amounts. If I eat more than a fairly small amount in a day, I will be very sick the next day. I have never tried to quantify the amount but I suspect if I ate only frozen meals I could eat three lean cuisine type portions and any more than that would be too much in a single day.

Trying to eat really healthy the last six weeks as my husband went on a low carb diet made me quieckly drop weight because I also do a lot of strength and cardio training. But is also means I get very quickly bored with my food. I started making a list of the foods that I can eat without getting sick the next day. At the bottom of this post is my list. It’s terrible because there really aren’t too many healthy foods. I am so glad I discovered some supplements that help me get some nutrients in me, that helps so much.

Food is no longer a joy for me, it is a challenge. It is a hurdle in my life that I must get through. Honestly most days I think I could just eat three nutritious shakes for meals and two servings of pretzels to get over my need to chew and I would be good.

Not to be rude – but I am NOT looking for advice on how to heal myself. I have consulted naturopaths and doctors and have tried everything out there with varying degrees of success. I am 900% better than I was so I think at this point it qualifies me as more of an expert than most people.

HOWEVER – I would welcome suggestions on food that maybe I haven’t thought of that fits into my allowable criteria! I get so bored with what I can eat!

Apple – small amount
Avocado-no more than half
Baked Potato – no skin
Baked Ramen
Cheese Ravioli – Not too acidic – like Annies canned
Cottage Cheese
Dry roasted Edamame – small amounts
Egg & Cheese Scramble with Potatoes – Smart Ones
Fettucini Alphredo – Lean Cuisine
Green Beans – frozen or canned
Mac & Cheese
Oatmeal – Instant
Orgain Meal Replacement drink
Peas – Frozen or canned
Quest Nutrition Bars
Sausage Egg & Cheese biscuit – MorningStar Farms
Sesame Sticks – oat bran
Tomato – No skin
Vegetarian sauces that aren’t spicy
Zuchinni – small amounts – very well cooked




21 thoughts on “Food – my enemy

  1. Are bananas and sweet potatoes too tough on your digestion? Those are always pretty versatile. Also, if you were to have food in the form of a shake would the type of food bother you? Example, one of my favorite shakes is spinach, green tea, Greek yogurt avocado and raw honey. Another one I really love also includes spinach and kale almond milk banana and almond butter. If you have a really excellent blender or a smoothie maker these typically mix up to be a really nice smooth contractions and might give you some nutrients that you’re looking for. If smoothies are what you tolerate best, maybe experiment with some nm ingredients like pumpkin and sweet potato and banana spinach kale with things that will mix up really well yogurt almond milk coconut oil. Speaking from a standpoint of absolutely loving food and practically living for it I’m sorry that your insides have made it difficult for you.

    1. Thaks for some good suggestions! Any food that I can not eat in raw form, I also can not eat in shake form. Which includes kale and spinach. Sweet potato and banana are both maybe. Sometimes I can and sometimes I can’t. So normally I don’t because it is not worth the aftermath.Though cooked sweet potatoes are usually fine, but I do not really like them. I do not think I have tried pumpkin. I will have to look into that! be nice to add another food to the list.

    2. Quest bars I only eat half at a time because they are just so damn dense!
      I have weird reactions to mashed potatoes. I do not know why. Eating to live is exactly what has happened to me, itis hard to wrap your brain around no cake.

    3. Oops – I think I put Ninas comment on yours too. 🙂
      I forgot to say – I can only have very small amounts of nut butters as well. I use to be abe to tolerate raw nuts but the chemo drugs I was on last year took that away from me. Hopefully over time I will get that option back.

  2. My friend sue gave me a quest bar last weekend. Holy crap those are good. And holy crap. Lots of,fiber ? When I had my diverticulitis, I ate lots of mashed potatoes and gravy…one of my favorite foods. Until I ate so many!. I am learning to eat to live rather than the other way but it depends on what I eat! Some things naturally make me want more…strange.

  3. It would be nice if I could make soup out of some of my foods. Like throw a lean cuisine fettuccini in the blender and add some milk. sigh…

  4. I wonder how seasonings affect you? Can you eat black pepper, onion powder, or green pepper flakes? The spice house sells a seasoning mix like that. It really enhances eggs. I look at eggs and think egg pucks. Can use a Pam type spray? If so, spray a custard cup with it. Mix eggs or egg whites with a little cheddar and a little shredded apple and microwave until set. Serve with toast or toasted English muffin.

      1. I should say I have never made the eggs, cheddar and apple but some people love cheddar with apple pie. I don’t have any cheddar in the house or else I would try it.

        Eggs are a popular breakfast for diabetics because they have a very low carb count – 0.6g per egg.

        I also do chili eggs with chili powder and salsa and cheese. You could wrap that up in a tortilla for a nice meal.

        I also use dried herb mixes from the Spice House to change things up. Use different breads or English muffins.

  5. Can you eat nutmeg? Nutmeg with eggs creates a sweet treat. Scramble your eggs mix with a little cottage cheese, a tiny amount of nutmeg and whatever sweetner you can use. Serve with toast.

  6. Can you eat low fat cream cheese? Can you eat cucumbers that are seeded? If so, you could make a cucumber sandwich by adding toast, low fat cream cheese, slices of seeded cucumber and dill.

    1. Cream cheese yes, cucumbers are a big no, seeded or not. As a side note one of the foods people with radiation and chemo damage to their digestive system say they have never been able to eat again is watermelon. Doesn’t that seem bizarre? But sadly true.

  7. I’m assuming milk is a problem? Have you ever tried low fat evaporated milk? I have been using it for cooking and both Craig and I tolerate it better than regular milk.

  8. High protein pasta shells maybe with a different cheese or a tiny bit of tomatoes. Can you use a bit of olive oil? And garlic powder and or onion powder.

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