I’ve been reading a lot of Dr McDougall and slowly but surely turning my diet vegan. I will also try to work myself up to doing his elimination diet. Spend a week only eating a few foods to clear out any allergens from my system and then start slowly adding foods so I can find each and every food that my body will approve of. He uses a lot of rice and I’m all for that. Rice was almost my sole food for a few months. It’s easy on the body and can be spiced, or sweetened to make many different flavors. Canned peaches are the other food he recommends to begin an elimination diet. Apparently there is just nothing in canned peaches that you can be allergic to.

The other day I bought some canned peaches to start playing with. I bought the Kroger Brand sweetened only with their own juice and pear juice concentrate.

So, I threw one cup of white rice (sushi grade – but I will be switching to brown organic) in my rice cooker and let it do it’s thing. Then I tossed it in the fridge to cool.


Once it was cool I split it into four servings in freezer bags.

I opened my peaches and cut them all up and tossed them in the rice cooker container that was now empty except for a few stragglers.



Then on a whim I sliced up a very ripe banana that needed to be eaten.

sliced banana

I stirred up my fruity concoction until the bananas started to get a little broken. Because I used the empty rice container I picked up a little starch leftover in the bowl and it thickened it a little. I then split my fruity mess into the ziploc bags of rice and threw them all in the freezer.

I’ve been eating it all week for breakfast and it is SO GOOD!  You can thaw and eat cold or heat it in the microwave and the peaches and bananas will really soak into the rice. Very glad I discovered this little mixture.

As I was typing this I realized that there is probably a book…YUP! I’m not really into diets or drastic lifestyle changes but most of this is what I already eat and the food my body is not able to process. Just makes sense to me.



11 thoughts on “FOOD!

  1. I’ve heard that rice can be good for your gut, though I like to overcook it a bit. I don’t know if that makes it more digestible, but I can use it as an excuse when I serve rice that looks like mush!
    My husband went on an elimnation diet (FODMAPS) a year or so ago, and he says it heps his IBS. He also gets fewer migraines unless he’s stressed. There are some spices that can be bad, too. If you’re interested, just google it. Heck, might as well get free advice!

    1. I overcook mine too! I thought I was the only one who did that. If you freeze your rice with something else with liquid in it, like canned peaches, the rice will also absorb some of the juice. Like a little mushy ball of flavor. I will look up the FODMAPS thanks!

  2. I am wondering if you have kept up with it. I am no good with keeping up with this kind of thing.

    I think the advertising industry has us believing that rice should not be sticky but most people I know like it that way – overcooked, sticky, mushy and sticks together so that it is easier to eat.

    1. Funny you should ask, I had two portions of rice yesterday and finished off my rice/peaches/banana. I will probably make some more tonight to throw in the freezer. My plan was to try Vegan for July – meh, we’ll see. If I do, I will also try to do the 1st week on the elimination diet so I can start fresh. It’s so hard, I like food! I like cookies!

    1. No. I used the rice cooker for the rice, then took the pan out and popped it into the fridge to cool, then added peaches and bananas. Then I froze it. Erin is eating it now too!

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