For want of a title

Today I saw a woman walking down the middle of a busy driveway in the mall parking lot. She was wearing a purple hair scarf,a black leather jacket, jeans, a pink & white tutu, fantastically high spiked bright red boots, and carrying a bright yellow purse. There was no risk of her not being seen by cars zooming past. I wanted to ask her if she was okay, but then I thought that could be really insulting if she was.

Last night I made the executive decision to drop my dosage in half for the pills I take for the dizziness. The main side effect is it dries you out like the shell of a locust in late fall. My hands are so dried out I don’t want to touch anything and my lips are cracking, and my eyes are burning! Hopefully after all these weeks the glasses are helping enough that going back to the low dose will be fine in a week or so. I expect I’ll be walking into walls again starting sometime this afternoon but at least I won’t look like someone left me sitting in a dehydrator!

Leaving for a long weekend on Friday. My sister and I will be making our pilgrimidge to the Chicago area to visit the lovely Mary Beth. Now, normally the fantastic Nina meets us but old man winter is preparing to show up on Sunday so she ditched us. We have decided to chase her down so we will be lunching in Davenport Iowa with the two Ohioians, One Illinoisian, and the Iowa chickie. If my husband sees this, yes I will watch out for Semi’s in Iowa.


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