i have had four ocular migraines in a week. Keeps happening in the morning right after I wake up and lasts a couple of hours. This is usually something with a trigger so I have Ben racking my brain tying to figure out what I have added.

The only thing I can think of is this;

It isn’t new but this week I changed my nighttime routine. I have this next to my bed and have been plopping it on right before I go to sleep. It is scented and I am very sensitive to artificial scents, last night I changed everything in my routine so now I am waiting. Th ocular migraines only last a couple of hours but it is strangely exhausting in my brain. You will totally understand if you get migraines. Ocular for me is a replacement for a regular migraine. As much as I dislike them they are better than the old fashioned spike through the head ones. I should probably ke p a supply of amitryptiline handy, it worked really well for them when I was having them constantly.

be safe out there!



7 thoughts on “Four!

  1. I have had exactly one ocular migraine and it SUCKED.

    I was alone in the office and thought I was having a stroke.

  2. I hate them. they feel like a stroke so it’s anxiety provoking. I hope you’ve got it pinpointed and they let up!
    And yes, know what you mean about them exhausting your brain. Mine are more big aura then pain. As long as I treat it right away. It still hurts, but a can live with it hurt. The worse ones cause the migraine hangover the next day. Damn things anyway.

      1. I just had the second one in two weeks. Which is unusual for me lately. Today I got the numbness. Doesn’t matter that I know what it is, still freaks me out with the stroke worries. And the numbness didn’t even last 5 minutes. But it was 5 minutes too long. Maybe it’s the weather, who knows.

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