Freedom – Glorious Freedom!

This week is a chemo week. I will have 7 hours of chemo on Wednesday then four on Thursday and four on Friday. Somewhere in there I also have a Doctors appointment before chemo. This week will see an additional chemo drug added so I’ll get all three. Assuming the first round to be the benchmark the side effects will start on Wednesday night and then build each day until by Saturday I am in full blown chemo melt-down. I have learned my lesson and will plan on staying in bed Saturday & Sunday and just work on recovery. By Monday or Tuesday I should feel strong enough to start trying to get back to my normal life. A week. Basically seven lost days.

So today I am thinking of all the things I need to take care of before the lost week. Last of my laundry is going now. I will eat all of the food in the next three days. ALL OF THE FOOD! Today is guacamole day.  I bought some lovely pre-made guacamole and so had a big plate of healthier tortilla chips with a little melted cheddar and then a ton of guacamole. NUM! My husband made me pancakes for breakfast. I only had two medium sized ones. I’ve had some of my Trader Joes’s  low fat cheese curls. A few Mary’s Gone Crackers crackers and soon I will start a pot of soup and have that filled with croutons for dinner. Then I will snack on cheese curls all night. Even my junk food is pretty healthy. I filled up 14 bottles with my daily supplements plus three bottles for supplements on chemo days (I take different supplements on those days – nothing to interfere with chemo and I add things to protect my poor mutant kidney).

I walked a slow mile on the treadmill, and I’ll probably do another one later. I’ll do some arm weight reps. I will read my book and try to finish it because I can’t read after chemo. My brain just can’t focus for that long.

I noticed last night that my balding pattern is developing weird lines on one side of my head. If I push my hair just right it looks like I have stripes. Yuck. I will be happier when it’s all gone at this point. I hate the bald patches. I won’t shave it smooth because you’re not supposed to. Something about damaging the follicles and risking permanent damage. I don’t intend to be on chemo the rest of my life and assume I will at some point have hair again!

I’ll spend Monday & Tuesday making sure everything is caught up at work so that I can not work at all on Wednesday and then do half days Thursday, Friday and whatever I need to on Saturday & Sunday to catch up. The gap between chemo 2 & 3 should be better than this last gap because I won’t have the whole port scheduling and surgery and recovery. So two weeks of plain old life as we know it!










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  1. I hope the love we are all sending this week will soak in and you will feel peace every time you need a little umph!!

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