Games People Play

So let’s say you’ve been playing a game for years, a game like Scrabble, Words with Friends, Yahtzee, Trivia Crack, etc. And when you first started the game matches you up against someone. You play, and when the game ends you hit rematch.

This turns into a thing. You play against this person over and over and over. Games turn into years. If you play any of these games regularly you know what I mean. I have a couple of games with people that I have been playing literally for ten years. Occasionally we say a word or two in chat. Usually something like “nice play” “good word”. A couple of them I have friended on facebook and we will share comments.

So, let’s say it’s five years, ten years and that’s when someone who is a programmer posts a comment, say on Reddit and accidentally lets it slip that 90% of the players are computer generated. They are added just to keep people interested in the game and to make sure there are always opponents for players who want to start a new game.

How does that make you feel? Does it take away from the enjoyment of the game?


3 thoughts on “Games People Play

  1. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked by this but I kind of am! I have played Boggle for years and years. Not too many words exchanged, but a few. So those for sure are not computer generated, right? Wonder how many of the top scorers are not real?

  2. I only play single player games but if I were playing games and found that out, it would bother me. A lot! I would feel manipulated.

  3. This was all theoretical. But I do play a game and I recently noticed a pattern in about half of the usernames I play against. I’m pretty sure they are not real.

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