Getting back in the habit

HaHaHa….I turned on my little keyboard and opened my blog to type out something very important. By the time I did this, I forgot what I was going to say. My poor sad brain.

I have not been sleeping well since my last chemo all because of the one terribly uncommon and so annoying side effect, itchy arms! It has been really bad this week. I wonder if it is a cooler weather thing? Oh..maybe dryness in the air makes my skin more sensitive? I will have to pull out the humidifier today and get it set up. I have always been a terribly light sleeper and I think adding that makes me rarely drop into a deep sleep. Thank goodness I have so few responsibilities that need me to be awake an alert on demand.

I have a bunch of prepare for winter things that need to be done but I am out of oompf. I think the puppy is sucking my willpower out. Four or five more months and she will require less supervision, right?

Well the next four years may be interesting! Everyone (except the career politicians) has been saying we need a sweeping change and finally we have got it, for better or worse! I wonder what the White House will look like clad in Gold Mirror?




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