Go away! I’m hideous

I have come here to just bitch and moan for a moment.

A few weeks ago I hurt myself and it just won’t f’ing heal!

And then for the last little bit I haven’t been eating, sleeping or doing anything well. 

So then today as I was planning on all my pre-Christmas day cleaning and stuff and being happy and stuff and I haven’t had enough sleep and I have had like no energy the last couple of months and then this afternoon the dogs! The DOGS! Both dogs were outside and suddenly it sounds like chaos and perhaps an alien invasion that the dogs are trying to hold off so I go outside and both dogs have wrapped their leashes around things and are frantically digging up my neighbors flower beds as my neighbor is out there, dressed for the holidays trying to help them.

I unhooked Dusty first and she pulled me SO HARD! And I was so angry. 🙁

I hate it when everything suddenly goes to shit! 

Alright, that’s enough. I feel better anyway. A nice piece of laffy taffy and the prospect of family fun tomorrow.43  OH look. Cat on my keyboard.


4 thoughts on “Go away! I’m hideous

  1. Love and hugs dear friend! I am sorry you have been having such a rough time recently. And today of all days. Sheesh! I hope all the bad stuff is done and that the rest of your day goes well. I hope you have a great day tomorrow! Love you!

  2. Oh no! Why is it that stuff seems to just PILE ON like that!?! Worrisome about the spot that won’t heal; wonder if your doc could help? We are going to be dog-sitting this coming weekend and I sure hope Izzie doesn’t get up to mischief. She does not listen much when she is outside, and I have to be careful because she can pull AMAZINGLY hard for a 20 pound creature! I always have to wrap her leash around one wrist and still grip it with my other hand. It’s really frustrating sometimes. I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and it re-energizes you! Merry Christmas!

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