Good Morning Sunshine!

Even WITH plantar fasciitis

I bought these on Woot the other day because the description said good for people with plantar fasciitis and really I’ll buy anything that says that. I assumed I was once again throwing my money away. I must say, so far, in their limited run on my feet, they are so comfortable! I’m not saying they’re pretty, but they don’t hurt my feet. They have a high cushioned arch support which I need but which I can never have because it always falls in the wrong place on my foot. Not these. I may buy a second pair if they have them in white. I will them all day today and if I can still walk tomorrow I will order another pair.

This morning after a particularly harrowing reading of other peoples complaints about their spouses I am thinking about people who want to control their partners behavior. You have to be careful about this you know. We are all unique and we all have our faults. Their faults, are not your faults, and do not reflect on you at all.

Tomorrow my husband and I have train tickets to tour the Cuyahoga State Park. I think that will be fun! It is a three hour train ride which seems about the perfect amount of time. It is really a nice area. Hopefully my feet are not crippled and we can also do some walking.

Today? So far nothing on the agenda except some laundry. We will see what the day brings.

Tracy Murray 038
This was my desktop background this morning. I like the hand in the bottom right corner that looks like maybe it is trying to stop us!


1 thought on “Good Morning Sunshine!

  1. So how are the shoes working out? Do you still like them? I actually bought a pair of crocs online the other day. I was having a moment but I wanted something that could get wet when I work outside. I know a couple of people with foot problems who swear by them.

    I see so many spouses who do that – try to control their spouse and have no respect for them. I know this one woman who constantly tells her husband what to do very loudly and in front of a lot of people. It is just embarrassing.

    The train sounded so cool but once I saw the pictures, I knew that would be too claustrophobic for me. I did like that you could see out of the roof. So is it you or your hubby who comes up with these neat places to visit?

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