Good Morning!

This morning I was looking for a link on my blogs dashboard. It was the link for Facebook comments. It’s kind of weird plugin, I only see the facebook comments if I go to the post and look for them, so I frequently miss comments.

I keep the link in my Drafts folder and today I realized I had about a dozen drafts. Sometimes I go in and type a paragraph or two and then stop to wait and see if I really want to post about whatever I am talking about. I started deleting them and then realized I should instead copy them all into one manic doesn’t make any sense post. Sadly some of the really mean and nasty ones have already been deleted.

I was very sick yesterday AGAIN. I hope today is easier. It’s just like it was when I was getting radiation treatments. My insides are just very very angry about all these antibiotics and antibacterials. I am feeling stronger, but eating is back to being a very big issue and having to plan my day around being very sick. It’s demoralizing.  I am doing all of the right things and all I can do is hope that it balances out at some point.

Tami – if you see this – Your strawberry plant is beautiful! I bought an actual big plant, not little baby starters and within hours of putting it in new soil and a pot it went crazy! It’s flowering and budding and crazy. I never have my camera when I am in the front of the house.

I spent a lot of time yesterday being grateful that we moved. Life is so much easier when your house is not fighting against you and falling apart.

We drove by our old house last weekend to see what they were doing and what plants survived. They just chopped everything down! All the bushes, and trees and pretty plants, except for the hostas and the yuccas. I guess someone liked those. It looks strange. The neighbors house looks even worse now.Oh, I just went and did a quick search. Looks like the owner is now a Mortgage company. We didn’t think he would be there long. I told the guy who bought my house he should keep an eye on it because it would be up for sale soon. He can own the block. 🙂

I have the Kelly show on in the background and her co-host today is Seal. He is a terrible co-host.


EDIT~I went into my email after posting this and saw weirdness from one of my doctors. He posted new lab results for me. and I couldn’t figure out why and just noticed this small note on the bottom.

Probably should have requested the additional testing six weeks ago when they were actually working with my results. This whole thing has been disappointing when it comes to communication with that doctor.


8 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Good morning. I have a few bad drafts too. Your seem like Cinderella comparatively! Hope the day is a good one. Went through the whole dizzy BS again yesterday. Went to the doctor and got two shots in my butt. One hurt like hell and while she was giving it to me I thought of your comment…perhaps paraphrased…feels like a truck hit my ass!

    1. Oh no! I am sorry you’re still rockin’ & rollin’. It’s a terrible thing.
      I was lucky because the drug they prescribed for my .neuropathy , gralise, works just as well as the drug they were giving me for my vestibular issues, amitriptyline. Two birds with one stone now!

  2. Imagine owning a whole block!
    Would you keep all the houses up and just live in a different house every day? Or just tear everything down and build a giant mansion right next to all these normal sized houses? On the one hand you could have a giant house looming over everyone else, but on the other hand you could decorate each house drastically differently. Maybe have one that looks creepy and haunted, or maybe just have decorations up for each holiday and move to the appropriate house when it gets to be that time of year.

    Imagine how neighborhood drama would change!
    “Excuse me Ted, but your friend’s car is blocking one of my eight driveways, could you get him to move?”
    “I’m terribly sorry about the noise Mrs. Hamilton, we’ll move the party a few houses down.”
    “No problem Tim, I can return your hammer to you as soon as I figure out which garage it’s in.”

  3. I wonder how you would be if you weren’t getting those shots in your back end. I wonder if it would be better, worse or not matter.

    I don’t know you do it. Having to deal with all this shit. It makes me mad at the universe for you. My little kid – it is just not fair thing goes off in my head.

    Well, I would have love to seen those drafts because I feel like I am the only one with those moments and then I feel like I must be really bad because all of my friends are always so kind.

    Just the other day, I was thinking that I was so happy that you moved and in your new place. It seems like such a good place for you. It makes me happy that you are in such a nice home. You just seem to belong in this place.

    1. I think about the shots and wonder. If they said two to three doses that means after the next one I will ease off on some of my other meds and see what happens.
      Some of my drafts are so mean!
      I still think almost every day how much happier I am. So much stress gone. I didn’t have any working outside taps or outlets at the house so when I water my tomatoes and strawberries and chamomile I smile.

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