Good News Bad News – Sort of

When I am sitting – I feel pretty good now. As long as I don’t eat, or breathe too much.

When I stand the whole world moves a little sideways. I think I just have to fight through it now. I am still on only half a dose of the antibiotics. He will probably double the dose tomorrow. My lungs are on fire – which is probably good. means it’s doing stuff. I have only left the house for Dr’s appointments for the last two weeks. This is really the craziest thing I have ever experienced. This is worse than the fatigue from when I was doing radiation and chemo at the same time.

I know people who love me are going to say no, I need to rest, but honestly, at this point I think I am resting so much it’s a detriment. It’s making me so much weaker. I managed to get a thousand calories in me yesterday. Today will we will shoot for 1200.

My husband has been incredibly patient. He just lets me lay on the couch for 18 hours watching television and asks me every couple of hours if  I need anything. I think I will try Taco Bell for dinner. Seriously. I think It’s been at least six months without Taco Bell. Maybe it’s exactly what I need. 🙂

I have a ten o’clock phone appointment – maybe I can take a shower before that. Done with my day by 11am! Or….I could eat some yogurt now – rest until 10 – then shower at 11 and done with my day by noon.

The lesson for all of us is if you get pneumonia – go to bed for a couple of weeks instead of fighting through it!! Okay – that’s a simplification – because it wasn’t normal pneumonia so it wouldn’t have helped. But it probably wouldn’t have hurt.

You know what would also help? Summer warmth!!!

Did I tell you that last time I was at the Infectious Disease Doctor he patted me on the head and said I had a nice brain? LOL – He is pretty adorable. I have to make sure and write him good reviews online for the next person.





3 thoughts on “Good News Bad News – Sort of

  1. I am really glad that the ID doctor has turned out to be a winner. When the boys were in school and they would get their list of classes and teachers and then worry that they were getting a bad teacher, I would always encourage them to give the teacher a chance. More times than not they ended up liking the teacher. People who have a bad experience are more likely to complain and I bet the problem is more likely them than the bad teacher or doctor. I hope you do leave the positive review.

    I’m with you – I would like some nicer weather.

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