Google really can tell you anything

There’s a part of my brain that makes me want to know the how and why of everything.

This chemo drug nausea is annoying. I am usually fine the day of chemo, (that’s a lie, I feel nauseated as soon as I start driving there now, and until I get in my car to leave but it’s different) and sometimes even the day after but then I get smacked with nausea. And it just doesn’t make sense to me, why it would take so long, and why even though I feel just ridiculously nauseated and the thought of food is disgusting as soon as I start eating I feel fine.

It’s all in the brain. Just chemicals out of whack. Today when it got to the point that I couldn’t think about anything except the nausea I had to give in and take a pill. I was having trouble focusing when people were talking to me. I don’t like taking meds for it because they come with their own side effects. And in order to get enough CBD/THC into me to help I become non-functional.

Assuming everything is okay with the last CT I am definitely going to take a summer break.

I went to lunch at a friends house on Friday and she made so much lovely food. One of those things that you get home and start thinking you wished you had eaten more because now you don’t have anymore. Do you know what I mean?

90 degrees and Benny still just wants to lay in the sun and watch all the birds and squirrels. Our old beagle Jesse loved to roll around in the sun too.

I will say, some combination of things in the last couple of years and certainly made me more heat tolerant. I spent at least four hours sitting on the deck yesterday, and a couple so far today.



2 thoughts on “Google really can tell you anything

  1. Ugh. When I was pregnant with my daughter I felt car sick the whole time. It was awful. I’m sorry you’re dealing with nausea. . Dad got a shot in the stomach every time he had chemo.He said it was for nausea. Everyone in that chemo lounge got it. I figured it must be a thing now. It worked for him. Food didn’t taste good for a long time but at least he could eat it and no nausea. But maybe different meds make a difference. I hope you do get to enjoy a little break from it.

    1. Thanks. It’s a choice I think. I mean I could certainly take all the pre and post meds and feel better but honestly the whole range of side effects is just not worth it to me. Car sick is pretty accurate for the feeling.
      How’s your dad doing?

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