I am having a personal water crisis this week so I decided to use this as an impetus to do a little water research. I am almost sorry I did!

I went looking for articles and /or studies about hydration as a health benefit and accidentally stumbled across studies about the carcinogenic properties of tap water!

This is a huge article from 1985 outlining how Tap water shows a direct increase in almost all types of cancer.

I then went digging for more recent information and honestly got lost in the science of it. But  what I didn’t find were any articles showing that the information was incorrect.

i switched to filtered or bottled water back in 2014 when my cancer reoccurred because My city had a sudden issue with the water treatment plants not doing their job and we decided my compromised immune system didn’t Ned that extra risk. Since I still do chemo every three weeks I have stuck with my extra clean, non-chlorinated water.

So, no big scholarly post on nutrition today but some gentle advice that maybe you should invest in a Brita or Pur just to be safe.



4 thoughts on “H2ohNo!

  1. Sadly this doesn’t surprise me at all. There’s a lot of controversy about fluoridation and chlorine. Did you know that if you can smell the chlorine in a pool, it’s over chlorinated and you can ALWAYS smell them. And you’re drinking that out of city tap water. We don’t filter, but we have a private well, in the country. We have iron and tons of minerals in it tho. Ever looked up bottled water? And the plastic bottles they come in?

    1. I am currently having issues because I am switching my water delivery service. There is only one company locally that delivers in BPA free bottles. Terrible. You’re lucky to have a well. I wish I had a spring!

  2. I really wonder about those two chemicals as well. I actually don’t drink water (I know that’s terrible) because it just all tastes awful to me now. I remember how it tasted when I was a kid; glorious!

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