Haiku Day

An empty Shell
Winter seems never to end
I miss real thought

My eyes do water
the time of death draws nearer
No more ambition

buttery petals
the puppies run in circles
the smell is of spring

a sip of tea fails
I have skipped a needed med
must everything drop

gathering of kin
there is always time for cake
much laughter erupts
I was going to only type in Haiku’s today because I thought it would be funny and I didn’t really want to talk about anything serious but something popped up and now I need to tell you my work story.
So I work for a getting larger quickly company with customers in more countries that I can count (according to our marketing guy it’s 60). We have offices in four countries. So sometimes one office, let’s say mine for an example has to call a customer in another country. It’s what one does in this fancy world of ours. My office has recently switched to a new phone service, a hosted phone service rather than our own PBX type box and one day someone in my office called a country that is maybe kinda known for internet scams and mail & phone fraud and instead of hearing the nice voice of one of our customers we instead hear a recording telling us that the number has been blocked for security purposes.

No worries, we open up a support ticket with the phone company and after a few weeks and a couple of different departments they figure it out and say “there you go, all fixed! Call at will.”

A week goes by. Now, I’m sitting at my desk and decide to test this. I don’t want to call my customer because, well one just doesn’t do that, so I google Grocery Stores in this country and pick a random store. Once again I get a recording telling me the number has been blocked for security purposes. I open another support ticket, issue not fixed!

The next day I get a very nice and kind email letting me know that this has now been fixed also and my access to that number has been opened and any access has to be opened on a number by number basis.

Now it’s going to get ugly. I understand that someone somewhere thinks that we apparently need to be protected from our own stupidity and that’s okay, except you have to tell me up front!

I sent an email explaining that when I signed up for enterprise level phone service I did not remember seeing a clause in the contract stating phone service, except to certain countries and that I wanted the list of all blocked  countries as well a number to call to get a number unblocked within minutes so we can call our customers when we need to if they are having an emergency. About five minutes later a tech called me to troubleshoot the grocery store number this tech unfortunately had not actually seen my email. You’ve never seen anyone try to get off the phone so fast as this poor guy.
eh, we’ll see what happens. Worse comes to worse we’ll use Google Voice to call blocked countries, but you know I’ll do it kicking and screaming the whole way.

And now a random picture for you.


Our view from the hotel room sunday morning right before we left to drive home. ugly.


After my most recent trip to the doctor I have again had the refrain going through my head of “WHAT NEXT”. Today I was reading another blog and someone said something about cataracts. I thought, oh, my grandmother had cataracts I wonder if I’m prone to them. I swear I actually physically clapped my hand over my mouth before I finished the whole thought!


10 thoughts on “Haiku Day

  1. A fun way to try to communicate but then number two makes me worry. It seems to be about crying and death drawing nigh. Is that what it means?

    1. hmmm….okay….moments like this I wish I was closer so I could see your face and figure out what you need and maybe just be there for you… 🙂

      1. I would not accept your apology for that! You must never ever think for a moment to apologize to me for caring about me. Sometimes I can sit in my house and say the most horrible things, and no one notices. To have you know me so well that you comment on my little darknesses makes me happy.
        Yeah, Haiku day would have been better if I kept going. Would have been a better mix of happy and sad.
        I am a little sad, and a little dark about this whole not getting enough oxygen thing, but eh…I’ll adapt.
        Everything will look way better to me if they can just do something so I don’t feel like I can’t breathe. It’s very aggravating.

  2. I asked my doc about cataracts. He said it would be odd not to get them – so we have that going for us. 🙂 On the upside, I know two people who have had cataract surgery and they each say they have never seen better in their lives and no more glasses!

  3. Good. So onto the matter at hand…have you started any medicine yet? I’m guessing you have, is it not working? Did this come on suddenly or has it been catching up with you for awhile?

    1. No, so far I’m just being annoyed at my inability to breathe correctly. I have the lung function test tomorrow. Maybe they’ll just decide I have cold. I assume not though. My mom & Dad both had emphysema and a condition called Alpha1, Erin and I both have one ot the Alpha-1 markers and we’ve both always had problems with our lungs. When I was in my 20’s I was told that forever more I have Chronic Bronchitus which is the precursor to COPD.
      I see the doctor the week after next so I intend on staying cranky until then unless suddenly I can breath. I think it’s a combination of age and the suddenly horribly cold winter causing me so many problems right now.Not to mention a kerosene heater.
      It’s probably odd to hear someone who works out as much me say they can’t breathe, isn’t it? It’s tricky. I find myself yawning all the time trying to get more air in. And I can only do limited amounts of cardio. A lot less then I should be able to do at this point. I just get to a certain level and I’m done, gotta stop and get my breath back.

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