HealthCare by Committee

Yesterday my husband and I went to see The Last Jedi.

He got a phone call seconds before it started and wandered off. I snapped this picture.

I was going to instagram a snappy post about husbands who take work phone calls at the movies, while they are on vacation. After the movie he told me it was #AnthemBCBS once again denying my switch to a new chemo med since the old one is no longer doing it’s job.

This morning I received a letter letting me that they are holding the approval of the SBRT that will radiate the tumor in my lung to hopefully buy me some more time until they have additional information. No hurry right? It isn’t like it’s cancer that is growing and will at some point be too big for the procedure..oh…wait..

I at this point am just laughing and assuming it will all work out. Mr. Murray is not.


6 thoughts on “HealthCare by Committee

  1. If there was an “angry face” emoji here like there is in Facebook, I would be stabbing that sucker many many times.

    Had to look up the terms to figure out the acronym. So, they are denying and withholding everything? I don’t get it; except it seems like it’s all about the money, like they aren’t profiting wildly already from all the other “patients” out there…they had all better be worried about karma.

    Tracy, you should not have to go through this. It seems to me that after a point you get a “pass”, right? For everything.


    1. Thank you, your comment made me smile. Looking at the paperwork, the SBRT “should” be approved. It seems like they are just trying to verify that I am still a good candidate and that it will be helpful rather than just a thing being done because it can be, all of the info they are requesting from the doctors is about if I am strong and healthy (ish) so the SBRT will make an actual difference in my lifespan.
      It is a very strange feeling to have to be justifying life-saving procedures.

  2. Fuckers I’m sorry, this is just such bullshit. This country…..You shouldn’t have to be worrying about this. Go Mr. Murray Go!

  3. I am sorry that the insurance company is putting you through this. I suppose it is wrong for me to hope that this comes back to everyone who has ever denied people treatment that it comes back and they get sick and have their insurance coverage denied and they experience what they have put you and no doubt countless others through. It would probably be wrong for me to hope for that.

  4. I always wonder that too, what MB said….what happens when their family members get sick? do they just get an inside free pass? are they denied?
    you are ever in my thoughts – and if I can say ‘prayers’ without creating any chaos, then those too. <3
    have you, do you, use those adult coloring books? asking for a friend…..

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