Here we go again

Today is the end of TWO WEEKS that I have been down. Insane. The Dr put me on a low dose zythromycin to see if I could tolerate it better. If I can do a week of low dose he will double it for week two. So basically I am starting over again.

Terrible, Terrible, Terrible. I mostly just sleep and watch tv. I have no energy and I am dizzy. Food also makes me very sick.

I feel so isolated and trapped. I mean I am really stuck in my house until all these drugs even out in my system. And I really do not want to be around people because I am just so gross and sick.

Now that I have done all the whining, in many ways I do feel better today. I said to my husband two weeks ago – how long do you think it will take for my body to adjust to all of these drugs? He said three weeks – so I am focusing on that.

I think I will make it a goal to go to a store tomorrow or this afternoon and pick up a little baby gift.

I cancelled tomorrows chemo and moved it to next Friday. Just too sick for chemo!

You know, I do not really mind being sick. So far I have always been lucky when it comes to side effects No hospitalizations or long term damage so a years worth of drugs for a fixable condition is okay. I just have trouble not resenting the waste of time. My brain is too mushy to enjoy it.

And I have not worked out in TWO WEEKS! I am going to be so sore when I go back.


2 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Wow! Terribly frustrating! I am glad they had an alternative. I hope the rest helps.

    Sending healing thoughts.

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