Hey look, it’s Wednesday again!

Holy Heck I have been busy the last couple of weeks. I’m just running from one thing to the other. Well except for this morning when I overslept -again – and missed my morning workout.

I had running to do at lunch time today but then ended up on the phone with a vendor dealing with a problem over the only time I had to run out. So tomorrow will be very busy. I AM going to yoga tonight.

I haven’t gotten to use my little exercise room this week but I did buy a little portable closet for it. Love this thing. It’s really light and on wheels. I picked it up at IKEA, it was only $30.

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Is has shelves and a hanging rod. I left off a couple of shelves so I can hang up my hoodie and also my shirt if I’m in there so my work clothes don’t get all icky. Since it’s so big and black I can also use it as a little screen from the window next to the door when I’m changing.

Bought myself a little IKEA trash can also and last night the cleaners even emptied it for me which amused me because the only thing in it was the garbage can wrapping.

I was looking at the ladies at my little workout group last night. It’s amazing how much harder you work when you’re in a group like that. It’s a small space and we’re all facing each other but not really looking at each other. You’re too busy trying not to hurt yourself (I bonked myself in the head with a 2 pound weight last night)  to really watch people. But everyone is sweaty and gross and just lovely. Most of these people know each other, I came into it only knowing the person leading the group. I was a little concerned about it the first couple of days but it’s okay. I noticed I always start every workout very quiet and then by the end I’m talking a mile a minute. I think it’s all the adrenaline and endorphins. I’m a little frustrated at how slow it is to build muscle. I still can’t even do a real push up. I’ve never had good muscles in my shoulders or chest so just doesn’t happen.


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