High Tea and Crumpets

I fell asleep (on purpose) watching chopped. I thought I would take a quick nap and wake up during the dessert round, so 20 minutes of light sleep. I did wake up during the dessert round but it was the next episode after an hours worth of dreams about strange things.  Oops. My body is exhausted. I do not know why, but it is. Just tired and beat up.

Let us say that hypothetically someone left me a package of marijuana wax. MJ wax is a whole different animal to work with, which if you are new at this edible game is liable to leave you with many experiments that turn into nothing or 18 hour highs that knock you on your ass. The easiest use I believe is in coconut oil. The taste leaves something to be desired but it is handy and can be added to multiple things including nighttime chamomile tea for a nice night sleep without being attacked by waves of invisible stinging bugs on your arms. No solution of course for daytime stinging bugs.

On a whim one morning when I had another functioning adult to take care of anything  I rubbed some on my arms directly. I believe it works! There is NO psychotropic effect and it only seems to work for a few hours instead of 16. When I did some quick research it appears that my experience is normal and it is a favorite to be used for muscle aches and arthritis. So to recap, no high, works for side effects, pure botanical. And of course, not approved by the FDA. Oh and of course the negative side effect is that I may smell a little strange. I am writing about this now because when I had my extra long nap my arms were terrible, well just one. So I just tried it again. Within about five minutes it was all better. I also have a sore muscle in the same spot from working out last night, it would be a nice bonus.




2 thoughts on “High Tea and Crumpets

  1. I am so glad it’s providing some relief. And damn it, it should just be legallllllllllllllll. for cripes sake! Could help so many more people.

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