Hippie Chronicles

I am sure I have complained enough that everyone is aware I have bad hips. The orthopedist says chronic bursitis in both hips caused by either the radiation or the chemo’s or the combo of both. The top of whatever bone in my leg that goes into my hip joint turns out as I use it and then eventually turns so much it kind of turns up and one leg ends up an inch or so shorter than the other and then it just gets ugly.

Jogging hurts, walking hurts, running doesn’t. Go figure. I do what I can to keep it in check and just move on.

Except yesterday I hurt my hip. I mean it really stings now and I am here just to tell you how I did it. By taking off my shoe. That’s right, taking off my shoe. I reached around the back up my foot with my other foot and put my toe on a shoe and went to push it off and it felt like someone stabbed me in the hip joint. I AM SO OLD NOW!


4 thoughts on “Hippie Chronicles

  1. Okay that just sucks! I am frustrated for you. But I gotta say that I just love your illustration! Ha ha ha! Is there anything you can do that relieves the pain?

    1. Thanks. I’ve discovered the fun of touchscreen drawing with notepad+ on my iPad. OTC acetaminophen actually works wonderfully. I just hate taking it all the time.

  2. Ouch. Glad the meds help. When one leg is shorter, that just affects everyting and makes your gait alittle off which doesn’t help. Your illustration looks like you were sitting down? When I read it, I pictured you standing up and to do that standing up, you’d be swinging leg, the top of your leg, at the hip joint, backwards, which strains something in your hip. Clearly I’m not a doctor. lol But, that is one of the things that Jim wasn’t supposed to do when he had his hip replacement. So makes me think maybe with the joint issue, that’s something to think about as you go about your life…. :/

  3. OR it just twisted wrong, Guess it wouldn’t take much with your joint is all out of whack. That’s gotta be so frustrating. And painful. 🙁

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