I hope I get the bottom bunk!

So I stopped going to the gym because my lung (s) was so bad after the radiation. I just cannot breathe when doing any activity. I did go back to running in the mornings on the treadmill at least five days a week. I do intervals, 45 sec run/45 sec walk for a mile and a half to build up heart and lung muscle. I am stuck at this level and some days I cannot do the whole set without taking an extra walk or two. It’s like someone strapped a cinder block to my chest that I am having to push up every time I breathe in.


Yesterday my daughter and I spent the day in and around Kent Ohio. Visited a paper store, a nursery, friends and a park. The park had ledges that someone turned into rock sculptures back in the 1850’s. We had to climb a small but steep incline and I was completely out of breath. I could not get enough oxygen. I am just shattered. It’s been five months and I have to think that this is probably going to be my new normal. I have to think about this and figure out what I need to do to retain strength.

After a passing thought one day a couple months ago I looked up adult make-a-wish. There are organizations that are for adults, doing what has been made so famous for kids. But what I also found were a couple of places that do camps, retreats for adult cancer patients. I started the application process and then found that my timing was off and I couldn’t actually apply. Yesterday I got an email that registration just  opened for their September retreat for women with Cancer, so I applied. Fall in Missoula for four days. It looks like they only take 20 or 30 at a time, but we’ll see.

Some pictures from the ledges








7 thoughts on “I hope I get the bottom bunk!

  1. Camp sounds like fun.
    Love those kinds of hikes. I’m sorry you are getting so winded though.
    Just a thought that ran through my head..would weight training help at all, do you think? A quick google search brought this up. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-strength-training/strength-training-can-help-people-with-lung-disease-idUSTRE5AH4VG20091118
    But the search mostly brought results for ppl with extreme disease, maybe on oxygen full time or trouble getting dressed kinda thing. Still may be worth checking into, if you haven’t already. (the boys in my house are big proponents of this…)

    1. Muscle is excellent for lungs! Your body processes oxygen much better through muscle. I do some weights but that also took a huge hit for a few months. I have been working on it. 🙂

  2. Camp sounds awesome….and in Missoula. Won’t have to worry about heat and humidity! My Katy went to Kent State. One visit we spent a lot of time in a used book store in Kent. Great little college town

  3. I had wondered why you stopped going to the gym. I am sorry. It must be so frustrating and maddening.

    I hope the camp works out for you. I would imagine that could be a very powerful experience.

    So would you ever attempt a hike like that again?

    1. Yes, I absolutely would. I would just know in advance that I need to slow down and be ready and I would take an inhaler and water. 🙂

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