Hot, Hot, Hot!

I forgot to tell you what the pulmonologist said.

This is the same doctor that helped me get diagnosed with the MAC infection two years ago and also the doctor that my oncologist consults with when my scans are looking a little hinky and there is a question about what everyone is actually seeing.

Right off the bat I was pretty excited because he could hear a problem. Every other time a doctor listens to my lungs they say they sound great! He said the reason is if you are listening to a spot it sounds fine, but what he listened to was the difference between spots and when he gets to the right top lobe it sounds very different than the others and he can hear me struggling to push air in.  So YAY!

I am going in for a broncosopy on Friday afternoon so he can go digging around and see if he sees anything. It was supposed to be Friday morning since I can’t eat or drink for ten hours before but the scheduling didn’t work. 🙁

He expects to see scar tissue or more likely something called bronchial stenosis . We’ll figure out if there is anything we can do about it after we see what and how bad it is. I think I will probably be stuck in the no-mans land of not quite bad enough to do anything about (just like the cataracts) and will have to suck it up and see what happens. At least I will have a diagnosis.

My new Furnace and AC are almost done, which is good because

  • It’s hot
  • There is a thunderstorm rolling in pretty quickly!
  • My system is in the middle of the condo so I keep getting trapped in rooms

I guess that’s all. Off to try and keep cool.



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