How Can a Loser Ever Win…..

About every three months my website breaks. Just goes mangled. It’s very annoying! All I can do is make sure I am on the latest versions and wait for it to fix itself.

It was a busy week! I had so many things going on. It’s funny, when you fill your life with events it goes by so fast but when you look back you find it filled so much time, you don’t feel like you’ve wasted your moments. This weekend was filled with family which is always nice and has made me think I need to get an air bed to keep in reserve!

This last chemo really wrecked my insides. BUT I also really didn’t do all the things I’ve learned over the last years to protect and take care of my insides. So the last two days I have eaten the things I know I should, and taken all the supplements I know I should and I am feeling much better.j Of course, chemo is Friday again. I will try to do better this week and be ready this time.

I have another full week of adventures planned for myself! I think I will continue to take my camera with me because even though it’s not as convenient, and I don’t get that fast upload, I find it makes me think a little more, and frees up my phone for Pokemon!

I haven’t been to the gym in a week now and I won’t be able to go today! The last class of the morning it 9am, and that is unfortunately too early for me most mornings, and the first afternoon is at 4 which today will just not work. I am up to taking 13 pills at night, and 2 in the morning and that means when I wake up I have got three or four hours for my body to get stabilized usually. Frustrating? A little. Work-around-able? YUP! Well worth it to spend all the glorious moments I have in my life.

Have you tried Micellar water? After seeing commercials for all these products suddenly using it I looked it up and was intrigued. I bought some yesterday and used it last night and my skin feels fabulous! I probably won’t keep buying it because I am just too lazy to stop washing my face in the shower with soap and water but I don’t know, if I could get in the habit I would probably be doing myself a favor.



Okay, time to get up and start my day. Don’t waste your moments.


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