How do we achieve the freedom to change?

The other day I was pondering big lifestyle changes and the people who do or do not do them. I am not talking about people like me who have spent a decade making small changes and working my way up to this, I am talking about people who go from one life to another overnight – ish. In my tiny little bit of experience people who dive into a complete change to a crazy healthy lifestyle, exercise, diet and attitude are usually successful confident people. So why?

Here is what I think. I believe that these people are natural risk takers. They are accustomed to making a decision, setting a goal, and assuming it will succeed. I am not saying they always succeed but they believe through sheer force of will they will get what they want. The rest of us are used to having to compromise. We know that if we wake up one day and decide from now on we will work out every day and only eat healthy it is a lot of juggling. We need to join gyms and yoga studios and figure out how we are going to feed our families while we are feeding ourselves completely different meals. We need to carve out many many hours of our week to do these things. And then if we fail, if after six weeks we realize we have spent a lot of money on healthy food and membership fees and workout clothes and are sitting in front of the tv munching Doritos we are failures. So we don’t. We make our tiny little changes and hope they help. That is what I did. I made tiny little changes. Some stuck, some didn’t. But I keep trying.

I wonder if all of us had the freedom, financial and responsibility, what we would do? If we had all of the support that wealthy successful people had would we be healthier and stronger?

I am not done with this topic. There is another side to it for people facing terrible diseases. Why do some people do everything they need to do to get better, and some do not.


5 thoughts on “How do we achieve the freedom to change?

  1. Interesting thoughts, for sure. It’s especially hard when the rest of the world is skewed against the way you’d like to go; only imagine if you had the resources to shape your environment so that it was not only easy, it was EFFORTLESS to live the way you’d like…

  2. Yeah, really interesting thoughts. A couple of things cross my mind.
    I do think financial responsibilities have a lot to do with it. I can see it in the difference of the way my kids buy groceries. One has much more financial freedom than the other. It’s easy to say that organic should be a priority until the car breaks down, the kid is sick, the rent is due, and you don’t make enough to have that emergency cushion.
    i know of two people who drastically changed everything overnight. (And I mean drastically!) One was my husband, almost 40 years ago. Despite a ton of opposition and no support, he was determined and he succeeded. It’s a long story, but it’s one of the things I am most so proud of him for. Even all these years later.

  3. I just don’t know! Perhaps they started out taking baby steps and were addicted to their own success…it may not be what meets the eye?

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