noun \ˈhyü-mə-ˌni-zəm, ˈyü-\

: a system of values and beliefs that is based on the idea that people are basically good and that problems can be solved using reason instead of religion

During my trip to Texas I had many long conversations with my traveling companion Steven. Some conversations were silly, some were deep. We got to talking about religion and labels. I have always disliked the label atheist.


It took me awhile to figure out why I dislike it. I find it almost offensive to have to define myself with a religious term, which is what Atheist is in effect because it’s a disbelief in a deity.  I disliked that was a disbelief in something religious. I wanted a term that had nothing to do with Religion.

Steven gave me the term Humanist. I find it much more appropriate and I will adopt it as my own.


I started using a supplement called BioSil a few months ago.


It’s a fairly nasty liquid that I put in my tea in the morning. I started taking it after a nutritionist article about hair & nail growth and strength.

I can’t remember the details but I’m pretty sure I’m not getting the correct nutrients. I think the bald spot on my eyelashes is filling in a bit, and I think my hair might be growing a little faster but what I noticed this morning made me laugh. I suddenly have a long patch of hair on my knee! Not really where I wanted to grow more hair.

I am unable to import my two other blogs into this new permanent home. The file is just too damn big. I guess I will keep my tlm0000.wordpress site and use that for my FitBit and reader right now. We’ll see. I expect lots of little bits and pieces of changes here for awhile.



7 thoughts on “hu·man·ism

  1. Steven’s good for finding just the right word for something. Any time I’ve said “oh, what’s the word for ___” he’s come up with the one I was thinking of, along with five others. And there’ll usually be at least one that I didn’t know of before.

    I generally consider myself to have a rather large vocabulary, even if roughly 40% of what I say is the word “Indeed.” So finding words that I don’t know (that I could actually use) is nice.

  2. Very nice blog! Did you or Erin put it together?

    I like the term humanist much better than atheist. I remember being warned about humanists at church. I think now I am more afraid of church people than humanists. I have a complicated religious life.

    I want to move from LiveJournal. I am a bit lost with the whole blog thing right now. I need something that looks nice. I would live to hear about this when you visit.

    1. Erin did all of the heavy lifting, I have been just going through and tweaking. The word press thing is just different, very different. I am waiting patiently for our weekend! I suspect 18 hours of just hanging out and drinking tea and eating cookies and talking. ⏰

  3. I can’t wait. I am very happy and excited about the visit! I look forward to a lot of talking and relaxing together.

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