Human Nature – AKA why Tracy won’t ever be all the way healthy

This morning I was reading one of those “sponsored” posts on Facebook. The Seven foods you should stop eating immediately to avoid cancer, or something like that. These days if you put the word Cancer in a post I will read it.  I usually read these articles with a very healthy dose of skepticism. If all of these articles were correct, there would be no cancer. We could cure all cancers by eating fruit and gargling with coconut oil while taking handfuls of OTC medicines that the FDA just doesn’t want us to know cure cancer.

While reading this article I found myself nodding as I went down the list. No canned food, yup that makes sense. Too many things possible to be in the can itself. No GMO’s. Yup that makes perfect sense too, if you are modifying the genes of the food who is to say that it’s not modifying your genes right back. No Beef Jerky. Yup – that’s an easy one, I am a vegetarian. No potato chips.  Yup, wait..what? NO! See you know the article is a bunch of bullshit now! Because I like potato chips. 🙂

Human nature is so odd. We’re willing to believe and follow all of the easy things.


4 thoughts on “Human Nature – AKA why Tracy won’t ever be all the way healthy

  1. Yes, we WILL believe anything. I just read an article about a state congressperson in Arizona who believes that cancer is caused by FUNGUS and it can be cured by running salt water or bicarbonate of soda through veins!! OMG! You would think a person would have to be educated to get elected.
    Also just read about that “naturopath” in Florida who killed a little girl with his “treatments.” I know that people are desperate, and I don’t blame them for trying anything. I blame the charlatans who are tricking people and lining their pockets.

  2. Very good point! The whole beef jerky thing scared me. I ear beef jerky now rather than m&m or jelly beans on trips.

  3. I could mindlessly eat a bag of lays or wise potato chips while staring aimlessly into the pantry or out the slider door – and it would be gone – poof.

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