I just got home and I am having trouble keeping my eyes open!


Closing went off without a hitch this morning. We met the previous owner and his son. They were very very nice and I found the owner who is quite elderly to be charming.

Then Corey and I went to the condo to check on everything and dance naked around our new space. Okay, no nakedness. We kicked everything, and pushed every button to find every nook and cranny that we needed to tend to. We made mental lists, and then forgot them. Then we can home.

I was home 10 minutes when the water company called and said they were on the way to the condo and I needed to be there, so back I went and then just stayed all afternoon meeting with the handyman company who will be doing a bunch of work for us. Also figured out how to program the garage door opener into our cars systems so now we don’t need the openers. That’s pretty cool.

Then my daughter came over and then we went out to dinner.

I am very very happy to have my new little place. Of course now the real fun begins. Construction, remodels, floors, packing moving, unpacking. It’s going to be a very long next four weeks!




4 thoughts on “I am EXHAUSTED!

  1. All that excitement is bound to make someone tired. I am so happy for you. Craig is. too.

    How far of a drive is it between the old and new house?

    So you think you will be in there in a month? Where are you going to do the half wall?

    I really liked the picture of you two by the fireplace. You look really good and healthy! And super cute with that darling outfit on.

    I hope you have a super lovely day.

    1. I have been so busy I forgot I had a blog. 🙂
      The condo has a weirdness. The master bathroom is the only bath with a shower/tub. The bedroom is shaped like a square, with another smaller square sitting on top. The small square co rains a large closet, the door out to the main hall and the the bathroom doorway. We are going to walk off, with a new door as well the small square. It makes the bedroom a tiny bit smaller, and perfectly square, and turns the little square into a little hallway.
      The condo is about a twenty minute drive by highway. It’s minutes from a highway entrance/exit which is lovely.

  2. Well that is weird for the only bath/shower to be in the master bath. Sounds like a good plan.

    I hope doing this all by yourself isn’t too overwhelming for you. I hope you slow down when you need to.

    Take care!!!

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