I am just a big scaredy cat

I live to get on my treadmill for cardio exercise. It is good for my heart. I am not a runner. Never have been. But I always wanted to be able to run a couple of miles to just get that quick burst of cardio and then be done for the day. Instead I walk on the treadmill. Over the years with bad feet, and bad hips and assorted just not built for that jarring impact ailments I have been slowly building up the muscles I need for running. A couple of years ago I just suddenly got everything together and ran.A Mile. Just boom, not fast, but done. Then, like the next week, I got rediagnosed with cancer. All the treatments and drugs wiped me right out. I always kept walking but I just could not run with tumors in my lungs.

So last year, started working out again – you have to have muscles in your legs to be a runner – and started building back up to running. Ran a mile, then got sick. Turns out it was pneumonia which turned into a MAC infection in my lungs and well, we all know the rest of that story.

So, now I am working out again, getting stronger, still on the treadmill most days, and today I ran half a mile. I am pretty sure I can run a mile. But I am too scared. I am not normally superstitious but  I really think about it every time I start running.



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