I am such a fake!

Sometimes I will be curled up in bed watching Survivor that I recorded and feeling pretty shitty and then I suddenly think – what the heck? Why am I in bed? Why aren’t I taking care of business? Then in my head a little lightbulb (christmas tree led size) goes off and I suddenly remember I am actually sick.

I think that’s probably why I have kept going when some other people choose to just stay down. Most of the time I forget I am sick in the front part of my brain, the back part of my brain knows and keeps me from panicking when I suddenly can’t function but I just keep forgetting on a minute to minute basis.

When I am feeling really sick, and really weak my brain also stops functioning correctly. I can’t think in straight lines. I think it’s because my body is fighting so hard there is nothing left for my brain. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that when that happens I can shut down. I do not have worry about it. I have adjusted my lifestyle so that 99% of the time I have no responsibilities that can’t be put off and for that 1% my husband just knows when it’s time and he steps up and takes care of things. Normally I don’t have to ask, he just does it. That’s pretty cool too.

That’s all. Just wanted to remember where I am today.

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