I can still feel the breeze that rustles through the trees….

I ran across this article yesterday; I thought there was a lot of interesting information.

I have spent a lot of time in the last few days with my youngest niece. She is 16. I was expounding yesterday on how important it is to just keep learning. Always follow your curiosity and investigate things that interest you.

We spent a lot of time in the car together in those days. Driving for too long makes me talk to much, my hips hurt and my hands turn into tingly messes, but I really like driving. My sister and I went out to my step-brothers on a day that’s not today (sorry – headache, brain not working correctly, I can’t remember for the life of me what day it was!) to pick up a box of things from my stepfathers house. FRIDAY! It was FRIDAY! Anyway, my stepfather has been in a nursing home for the last few months. My stepbrother let us know that basically NO ONE is visiting him. It was very surprising. The family is from a small town just over an hour from here and there are bunches of them. One of those big old extended families. My stepfather moved back to the area after my mother died. Both my sister and I assumed they were doing what families do and rotating visits.  He’s just been sitting there basically stuck in a nursing home with no company. Luckily my youngest stepbrother stepped up and has been going almost every day. So I will try to start going out there. For me it’s an hour drive, when I add my niece in it’s 90 minutes each way plus another 90 minutes for visiting, which of course isn’t that big of a deal but does take a little more planning for a four and half hour adventure! Lots of drugs loaded in first.

Speaking of loading in. So on Monday I spent a considerable amount of time tracking down a putrid smell. Eventually tracked it down to my purse! You haven’t smelled bad until you’ve smelled a piece of pork fat that’s been in your purse for three days. Makes me nauseated just thinking about it.

I AM going to make it out to Schedel Gardens today! I just keep having misses when I try to go visit. I have gotten as far as just inside the gate, and it is beautiful! You’ll see!!


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