I just finished reading…

Game of Thrones. I enjoyed it, and I will continue on with the series.


We are now in the just waiting for someone to call and say things are ready for a signature on the condo buying odyssey. We have done everything they asked for, all the letters and forms and such are done. The 12th was still the date being bandied about. That is in fact only eight days from now.

Yesterday I went looking at floors. I have also contacted a firm to build me a small wall. Those two things must happen before we move in. So the minute I know the closing is scheduled I will schedule the floor guy & the wall people to come out and measure and give final estimates. It will be approximately 1000 square feet of floor which is approximately all of the money in the world. Geesh, it’s expensive. From order to install it is 3 to 4 weeks so I will get him in immediately. Wall needs to be (in a perfect world) before floor. Then I will start packing and getting all the services turned on and away we go. So, we should be in by approximately Sept 15 if everything goes exactly as it should.  Well, actually I will go today to pick up boxes and I will start packing as the mood hits me. Once I have keys I will be able to store things in the garage, the kitchen and the loft because none of those spaces are getting new floors. When it gets closer to the 15th I will have a general idea of how much will need to be moved by people stronger than me, in a vehicle larger than mine and I will contact movers to schedule. I will schedule cable and internet for the same day and that will be official moving day. Once the bed & internet goes we have to go with it!

I want to buy a new Queen platform bed so we will not take the queen frame when we move I don’t think. Just plop the mattresses on the floor. It will be nice to not need an extension ladder to climb into before for a few weeks. After all the dust settles I will buy a new bed plus night stands, and a new side table & coffee table for the living room. I will probably do IKEA for all of the tables.

That’s all my stories right now.






6 thoughts on “I just finished reading…

  1. I dread moving. Sounds like you have it all under control. When Hubby retires in a couple of years, I want to downsize, but that will mean divesting ourselves of an awful lot of crap! Want an eight foot pool table?

  2. I am so excited for you! I love the possibilities of a new place. A fresh, new start.

    So you aren’t keeping the green carpeting??? New floors will be nice. Also, an extra measure of clean.

    How nice that you were able to buy before selling your house. My parents lost a house my mom desperately wanted because they had to sell before they could buy and the timing just didn’t work out.

    How close/far will you now be to your sister and daughter?

    1. Well I am almost the exact same distance from wringing it is a straight shot now! 10 minutes on a good day, 20 on a bad. Katy I am a little farther but there us never a good way to get to Katy house. It’s always complicated. For us it’s really the opposite corner of the city than we are on now. It will be a nice change.

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