I need more kitten…

I have often said that I want to know everything when it comes to my various and asorted diseases and conditions. I want to know every detail of every treatment so I can research the hell out of it. This is because I like to be able to mentally prepare myself for the best and the worst. It’s also so that when a doctor is talking to me I know the questions to ask.

I am pretty good about asking for copies of all of my test results now and I pop them in my Big Book of Cancer as I have dubbed my expandable file full of things. These days when I see a copy of a CT Scan it makes me sad for the first few hours. There is never good news. It is not very likely that suddenly all tumors will disappear. So I had a CT scan done last week and I got a copy of it yesterday. It made me sad. All tumors have grown including the one on the left lung that one set of doctors think is a tumor and the other set doesn’t. One of the notes is “findings worrisome for progression of metastatic disease”. That’s actually what made me sad. Does that mean it’s progressing suddenly unusually fast? None of these things matter because the really important CT will be in two months. That’s the follow up to see if chemo is working.

This CT scan was done with Barium & dye and showed a few more interesting things that my previous one did not report.
CT Pelvis demonstrates vascular calcifications. Diverticulosis predominately involving the sigmoid colon but no diverticulitus. Left-sided pelvic pheboliths. Ah yes…thank you abdominal radiation/chemo & two years of eating no good food!

I did have a very nice appointment with my radiologic oncologist yesterday morning. He wanted to talk to me about another option besides surgery after my chemo is done. He and his “tumor board” thought I might be a good candidate for SBRT . He will call my oncologist to discuss. After reading about it, and its excellent record vs surgery, I am all for it. We will have to wait and see. It’s very specific what type of patient, and what level of disease can have it.

Yesterday my cold also moved to my chest, and my hair started falling out in very large amounts. All in all, not my best day!

Today I will hopefully go work out after work, then have a nice relaxing evening and tomorrow morning I will go get my port implanted. I am keeping my hair in a braid today and tomorrow to keep it from leaving a trail behind me, but on Wednesday night, or thursday morning it will have to be cut/shaved. It is just too icky like this. That will give me four days to adjust before I have to leave the house.

I understand why people sometimes just give up and stop participating in their treatment and life. It’s just so much to keep track of and deal with. Luckily, I think I am a long way from that happening!

Now time for some Kitten (I don’t think it’s anything new for you facebook people) !


I think Frankie thinks this is his blanket. It is not! It’s my couch throw – electric blanket.


My daughter stopped over for some kitten time too.


He really likes my slippers and tennis shoes. He did in fact fall asleep in the slipper right after I took this.





4 thoughts on “I need more kitten…

  1. Knowledge is power. I really like that you are not just passive and spend the time researching everything. I think it keeps doctors on their toes. I also think they work harder for you knowing that you are going to be researching everything.

    It makes me sad, too. But keep in mind just because the news might not be positive know that I always want to know what is going on. I just will remind myself that the important scan is in two months.

    Oh, I have diverticulosis. I guess that is the condition and the other is the name for the infection. I have never had an infection, thankfully. I hear that it can be quite painful. I think that is a lower left quadrant pain.

    I read the SBRT article. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

    I am sorry about your hair. I think for a woman that has to be so hard. Our identity is so tied up with it even though we don’t always realize it. I hope it isn’t too overwhelming. I remember with Rob it was more bothersome to have chunks falling out than to have it all off but it is different for a man.

    It is hard work to fight cancer. I am glad you are such a fighter!

  2. Ugh, barium. Hubby had that the enema way and said he thought he was going to burst!
    I’m sure sorry about your hair. I’m with itsmemb: as women, we expect and are expected to have hair! When bunch of mine fell out, I invested lots of time and money to find out why—and never got an answer.
    The picture of your kitten in the slipper is VERY cute!

  3. I’m hopeful for SBRT…..I sent your stuff to Jenny to see if she had thoughts ref cancer treatments. Seems there are so many treatments we haven’t even heard of….we meaning us…not you 🙂

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