I Stink!

So I ended up working out last night from 7 to 8 with my niece. When we work out it’s full on, sweating like a cold glass in July, workout. Took her home, got home 8:30 ish. My husband was already in bed watching TV.

I fixed my dinner and then curled up on the couch to watch all the stuff that records. At some point, I fell asleep. In my workout clothes and a flannel shirt. On the couch. Woke up 1 ish and realized I couldn’t go to bed. I was too sleepy to clean up and didn’t want to get my sheets all stinky! So stayed wrapped up in flannel and slept on the couch. Waking up every two hours. I am so sleepy today.

My daughter and her husband are coming over for pizza and games tonight. I love doing that. I need to do it more often. I am always conscious of the fact that maybe my son-in-law isn’t as thrilled when he gets stuck with us. Just because he didn’t choose us, he chose my daughter. We were just part of the package. I always want him to be comfortable and not feel like he is being forced to spend time with us. It’s a fine line isn’t it?

My husband and I have an anniversary on Saturday.  Thirty-One years. How can that be? We will probably just go out for a nice pizza. We had pizza on our first date.

I just lit candles in the fireplace and realized we did not light even one fire this year! I don’t want to do it now because my eyes are so red and sore.

When I am feeling less sleepy I will type out the story of our first non-date.





3 thoughts on “I Stink!

  1. oh it must be tough having you and Corey for inlaws. hehe
    Ok, i get it really. That looks snarky typed. Was supposed to be funny. Because I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to hang with you guys. But I do get worrying a little about it.
    Kind of nice to know that i’m not the only one who thinks about, ‘if I go to bed like this i’ll have to wash the sheets tomorrow. lol But hope you get some better sleep tonight!

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