I think it’s possible I have just tripped right over the sanity line..



Tonight we had an Aptilo Networks Holiday Dinner in Toledo. This is my little group plus most of us brought a guest. I had my lovely sister since my husband has been out of the country for a month (he comes home tomorrow). It was a nice dinner.

After dinner I stopped at a store to pick up a few last minute Christmas things and I was smacked right in the chest by an over-whelming sense of deja’ vu. I haven’t had that happen in years. It was almost frightening it was so strong. I still feel funny.  I read somewhere many years about a scientific explanation for deja’ vu, something chemical. I dunno. I do know it’s a crazy thing. Now I feel anxious like I am waiting for something to happen. There’s more, but I’m not going to even write it down because you’ll all think I’m even crazier than you think I am now.




6 thoughts on “I think it’s possible I have just tripped right over the sanity line..

  1. Oh, that is so weird and I hate it, too. So do you feel something bad is going to happen?

    I think I read that it is something with the brain. Still it is such a weird feeling.

    I hope you can shake the weirdness.

  2. The other day, Craig was getting ready to go out and I just had a weird feeling not deja’ vu, just a bad feeling. I almost always tell him to be careful before he leaves (I even said it as they were taking him to surgery) and I must have said it a half dozen times before he left. He went out and everything was fine. Who knows why we get those feelings?

    1. I hate those sudden bad feelings. That stomach sinking dread is how I think of it. I’m glad everybody was safe and sound. Mine continued for several hours last night and then turned into a couple of hours of stomach rolling nausea! Probably the huge amount of sugar I had in a very brief time span.

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