I thought of you when..

I think that’s the nicest compliment you can give someone.
I woke up to a message on my facebook from someone with a link to an article and the words I thought of you when I read this.
What a nice think to know, that people think of me.


I love the monster on my livingroom ceiling



If I had control of Microsoft the first thing I would so is remove the feature from Windows that auto-expands windows when you drag them to close to the edges of your desktop. I really dislike that feature on a daily basis.

My husband is in Switzerland this morning. He ended up driving himself to the airport yesterday because of the weather. It worked out for the best for me because I really didn’t feel good and that kept getting worse during the day. I definitely ate something I shouldn’t have. I also have some weird sort of injury in my back. I have a muscle/tendon or something that is incredibly sore to the touch and all swollen. It starts around the bottom of my shoulder blade and then wraps around the front. It’s that pinching piercing kind of pain rather than a muscle ache. I’ve had this before but I don’t know what it is or what I did. I went to bed really early on Saturday night and slept really hard.

My blu-Ray player is flashing “OFF” on the display. I don’t know why. If you’re turned off you don’t really need to notify me of that!

I’m going to go shopping today for a new alarm clock. I’m going to pick up an alarm clock that does fun sounds to put you to sleep. I don’t actually use a regular alarm clock to wake up anymore. My hearing has gotten bad enough that if my good ear is covered I don’t hear my alarm clock. Lame. I use my fitbit’s vibration alarm to wake me up most of the time but sometimes it slips somewhere that I can’t feel it. I bought another vibrating alarm clock but I can’t find a good way to use it. It’s too big to clip on my clothing and then strap that came with it is too big to stay on my wrist. I will probably give it another try since I keep waking up late. Last week I made a follow up appointment with my neuro-otologist and also a follow up hearing test. She kept asking me questions about the scheduling of a hearing test and I missed a prime opportunity to amuse myself by not repeating “what?” after everything she said.

wow, suddenly it’s really snowing again. Maybe I’ll be ordering my sleep machine on Amazon!

Enjoy your Sunday.

EDIT – Thank you Nina! I forgot. Saw the newest Broadway Version of GodSpell on Friday. It was Wonderful!! Loved it!



5 thoughts on “I thought of you when..

  1. Oh, that is good that you didn’t have to drive to the airport. So today did you go out or make dog treats? I didn’t read the recipe but they looked good in the picture. Lucky dogs.

    Re the blue ray player – that what black electrical tape is for. Tape over it, if it doesn’t stop.

    We had the snow last night. We got about 3 inches. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad out on the roads so we were able to do a car ride. Good thing. I was going crazy.

    I never saw Godspell. Sounds fun though. I haven’t been to a live performance in years.

    I hope your day is going well. 🙂

    1. Yes, and yes! I did make the dog treats (flour, peanut butter, oats & water) and I just got home from buying a new alarm clock. I really needed to get up and out.
      Godspell & Jesus Christ superstar are my favorite musicals and I can doing both straight through without playing the cd!
      I am so glad we discovered the valentine theater. It’s beautiful and small with good seats, we really enjoy. I have tickets for one more show in the spring called the ten tenors.

    1. You know, I haven’t been icing even though that’s the advice I give to everyone. I will go do that right now!

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