If you were devious enough.

A random conversation with a co-worker sent my imagination wandering today.

If you were a manager and wanted to get rid of someone but you didn’t want to go through the hassle of firing them, You could pull them aside and have this serious conversation with them.

“Hey You. I know this is completely unprofessional but I really like and respect you and wanted to warn you. I just found out that the company is closing down this office in three to six months. Of course no is supposed to know, but I really felt like I needed to tell you.”

Then sit back and wait. Maybe every few weeks do something to further these thoughts without saying anything else. Like take home all of your personal belongings. Then make sure you leave a copy of your resume somewhere that only that person would find it. Come into work one day dressed much nicer than usual and take a long lunch, carrying a folder with papers in it.

At the six month mark if they’re still there, or if they are gone and contact you to ask you, say you heard through the grapevine that it has gotten put off for a year.


Todays random picture from the archive.



Corey Murray at Niagara Falls. 2010? Ish. Maybe 2009.


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