I’m Positive it’s true!

I think about the power of positive thinking frequently. I’ve never read the book by the same name but I’m sure anything I say here isn’t going to be any kind of grand revelation.

I believe in being positive. I think that my positive actions cause multiple positive reactions. If I feign positiveness when I don’t feel it, eventually the fakery becomes reality.

If I am forcefully giving off positive energy by my actions and by speaking positive reinforcing statements other people are eventually pulled into the energy and in turn start reacting more positively.
There are always exceptions. There are people that react to positivity with more negativity. They become morose and will start creating drama to stop the positive flow of conversation and energy.

I notice this most in my little microcosm of real life – my workout group. We have a fascinating mix of personality types and because people rotate in and out of the mix we can get extreme differences for a day or two. All of the people who are there the majority of the time, the core group, all share one personality trait. They are all positive people. I’m not saying people don’t have bad days or get sad, but they all try very hard to look at the positive outcomes of things and embrace it. They find a reason in every situation to be happy.**

I work out best in a happy full of energy situation. When everyone around me is laughing, I laugh and forget how hard it is, and put more into the workout, and get more out of the workout. Something new has started happening for me. When the workout is not full of energy, not amped up and loud, I have started getting louder and louder! Normally I’m actually fairly quiet, there is enough noise and talking and laughing that I can do my thing and just feed off of everyone else, but when there is nothing there to feed off of I instinctively now create it. I noticed it a couple of weeks ago and now I’ve started paying attention and consciously watch what happens.

Here are some of my observations.

1. It’s a part of my personality I didn’t know I had. I enjoy motivating other people and pushing them a little farther.

2. When I become the loudest most energetic personality in the room people react differently to me.

A. The other positive people get happier and become more positive with me

B. The borderline people start interacting with me, it’s as if they start filling their own positive energy by using mine.

1. if one person does this another may also do it at the same time, which can get a little odd.

C. If there is a negative person in the group they get more negative and try to engage me in a negative conversation. Describing something bad that has happened to them, or that they are feeling.

1. if I don’t engage they will move on to someone else trying to find someone who will be negative with them.

2. if no one will engage with them they slow down and eventually get hurt.

Those are my thoughts for the week.





**As a side note, all of these people have faced very large challenges in their past.  Addictions, illnesses and family issues. Do you think people who are consistently positive have all overcome some sort of obstacle?



3 thoughts on “I’m Positive it’s true!

  1. I don’t know – for a very long time, I have seen that in you – the desire to motivate and help people achieve their best life.

    You are one of the very few people that I know that is actually changing and growing. Maslow would be proud of you! This is also one of the reasons I have so much respect for you but it is also a challenge for me but one that I often don’t want to face.

    I must say I have a hard time imagining you being loud. I think that is a wonderful thing though. You are not waiting for someone else to fulfill your need, you are taking charge and doing it yourself and therefor fulfilling the needs of others in your class. Bravo!

    I struggle so much with trying to be positive and upbeat. And yes, when one is feeling negative it is hard to be around someone who is being positive and upbeat.

    I would say that I know a lot of people who have gone through their fair share of drama and trauma and have not come out on the other side with being a more positive person. I think people who are positive are that way because in their core that is who they are or they make a daily conscious decision to live their life like that.

    I love that picture of you and Corey. 😀

    1. I just noticed recently the effect of in your face cheerfulness on people who are feeling bad about themselves or just are really negative. It makes them more negative instead of bringing them out. I am, for lack of a better word, studying someone to watch how she reacts. I would like to see what triggers a better reaction. I suspect it will be inclusion and then a more gentle cheerfulness.
      I find myself much calmer around you and more at peace. Even though we have different personality types I think we a ying and yang kind of thing. If we squished our personalities together we would be a perfect person. Of course if we squished or medical issues together we would be institutionalized and studied as a marvel of science!

  2. I would be interested to hear how it goes. I think everyone wants to be included but overwhelming cheerfulness can be hard to take if you are not feeling it. I wonder if it matters where the negativity comes from? Would you need a different approach if it is from low self esteem or a bad day?

    That last line cracked me up.

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