I’m so hungry I could vomit…

I rarely get hungry, I mean really hungry. I’m always munching on little things so there is no chance for my body to experience what real hunger feels like. Today I am a little off. My digestive system is a little annoyed at me and I still think I’m fighting off a cold, and now my throat hurts, and I had to take acetaminophen,  but then this afternoon my stomach started feeling bad. Painful and nausea.  The problem is I can’t tell if I’m hungry or my stomach is sick. Does that happen to anyone else? I sure hope it was hunger, because I’m eating my lunch as I type this!

Everyone who jots notes on paper for anything must immediately go buy a Boogie Board! My second one just arrived, the larger one that I will keep at work and I am just immediately and irrevocably in love… I wish I could think of a good excuse to buy myself one of the small purse size ones now. Though I know I will have no use for it, at all.

Boogie on down to the Boogie Board store!
The BEST use of plastic EVER!

Back to work!



2 thoughts on “I’m so hungry I could vomit…

  1. I am all for toys like that but I just don’t know. I would like to play with one in person. After you wrote about it the other day, I had to look it up. People do seem to love them. I could see having one in my purse because I am always losing the little notes that I write when I am out.

    So how is your tummy now? I hope it just needed to be fed and that you aren’t coming down with something.

    1. I love to doodle and sketch and write myself little notes. Especially at work. I have constant little lists of things that I need to do that day. it’s so much neater than the pile of paper I had on my desk.
      My stomach is making some very unpleasant and slightly startling noises but I feel just fine! Everyone around me has some sort of cold going so I am making sure i’m taking all of my vitamins and supplements and so forth. I really don’t want to get sick. I have managed not to pick up any of the other colds this winter so I’m hoping to continue on with the trend.

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