Improvisational Honesty

I really enjoyed my Improv class last night. I had a little too much allergy medicine in me so my brain was a little foggy but it was still fun.  I am so lucky to have a place where I can just laugh for two hours. The class is 2.5 hours but you know, dead zones. I love watching the people in my class, they are all so different but I will tell you each one of them seems to be genuinely nice! Can you imagine walking in some place and all of the people being nice?  Doesn’t seem right. I don’t think the class is going to get me over my stage fright, but I am learning some other skills. Oddly, conversational skills. Watching people and taking cues. I am already thinking I might take it again.

The first time I went to class I thought every single person there looked familiar and that feeling has not gone away. Like, people deja vu. The other night I was watching television and one of the actors reminded me of someone in the class, Deke if you’re into names, and yesterday while I was under my slightly stoned allergy med cloud watching everyone come into class I decided that I was actually on a hidden camera reality show and all of these people were actors. I’ve probably seen them in commercials and whatnot over the years.

I guess I will have to start dressing better for the cameras. Don’t want to mess up my big break.


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