Improv Class #2 and why 3 calendars are probably not quite enough for me…

Today I am going to lunch with Christy & Alicia. These are both lovely women that I met at the gym.Well,Alicia is actually a trainer at the gym. Christy and I have been threatening to get together for about a year now.  Now some of you may be saying, hey, didn’t you have lunch plans yesterday? Well, yes, I THOUGHT I did. I put our lunch on the wrong day in my calendar. Sigh…..

Last night was Improv class #2. I really enjoyed last nights class  and now I think my earlier list of classmates was incorrect. It was the three sitting to the side. When they introduced themselves I could not see them and I think I got everyone’s name wrong. The rest I got right! 

GlassCity Improv Instructor Jeremy & fellow classmate Gary

Once of these people is Jeremy the instructor, the other is Gary. I will let you pick which is which. Jeremy is pretty good at this I think. Casual and relaxed but keeps it moving. As an added bonus he is very soft spoken and since I so rarely wear my hearing aid it keeps me entertained by mishearing him. I just never go first and that way I figure it out.’

I was able to relax a little more last night and discovered that I really enjoyed the interactive games. All of the games have names and some of the names are just bizarre. For instance – “Where has my finger been?” I will let you just ponder that for awhile and make up any rules you want.  Another exercise we did had us split into two lines. Then one person would walk in a distinct manner towards center stage, and the matching person in the other line would mirror them. The person who was doing the mirroring – so really had no idea what the walk was supposed to signify –  would then say a line. The walker originator would respond, and then the mirrorer would get the last line. That’s it. easy, simple, and at times absolutely hysterical. I really enjoyed that and could have done it for hours. Okay, maybe not hours. Class is from 6:30 to 9:00 pm so by 9:00 I’m quite ready to go home, eat dinner and curl up.

It was mentioned that there is a SHOW. An improv student recital as it were at the end of the course. And my heart immediately started pounding in my chest. You could probably see my port going in and out like the butterball turkey nipple saying I”M DONE. So, just the thought of people being in the audience chairs sent me into a panic. We’ll see how I feel at the end but I’m not sure my courage will go far enough. 


Jump out of a plane? Okay. Perform on a stage with people watching, ooooo too scary.


1 thought on “Improv Class #2 and why 3 calendars are probably not quite enough for me…

  1. I can’t imagine getting up in front of an audience and speaking! I would have to be a mute character!

    I bet you will be great, though. 🙂

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